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Taber Aluminum Extrusion Latest News

Joining Aluminum Extrusions Through Friction Stir Welding

What is Friction Stir Welding?   Friction stir welding is the method of joining two pieces of metal with no extra filler or material by subjecting the components to heavy plastic deformation, at elevated [...]

The Benefits of Friction-Stir Welding in The Marine Industry

Over the last two decades, friction stir-welding has emerged and been established as an extremely effective alternative to traditional MIG welding for use in marine applications, particularly as the industry moves towards increased use [...]

Friction Stir Welding In The Shipbuilding Industry

Taber Extrusions wants to lead the way in FSW development and be a part of its growth in the future. Taber Friction Stir-Welding Capabilities are second to none. With profile widths up to 31 [...]

What is Friction Stir Welding?

What is friction stir welding? As the name suggests, “friction stir welding” (FSW) is a metal joining technique that uses friction heat to unite metal structures. In traditional welding, high levels of heat are [...]

Are you as proficient with this crossword puzzle as Taber Extrusions is with their services?

About Taber Extrusions Taber is a minority- business enterprise which is AS9100, NADCAP, and ABS certified. Founded in 1973, Taber Extrusions originally pioneered a process for extruding rectangular billet which enables the company to [...]