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We produce 5xxx and 6xxx alloys for our own internal use, and purchase 2xxx and 7xxx alloys on the outside. Custom chemistries are available. The current full list of alloys that we make extrusions out of can be found on our capabilities page.
Lead time can vary with the load the plants have currently booked. Please call our Customer Service departments for up to date information.

(888) 984-5279

Russellville – .079”; Gulfport – .050″

Please note that all wall thickness is profile and alloy specific, and most shapes have a thicker minimum.

Russellville – 1.3”; Gulfport – 1”

Please note that all wall thickness is profile and alloy specific.

Russellville – 9”; Gulfport – 3” for 5xxx and 4” in 6xxx.

Some limitation applies. Call Customer Service for more information.

(888) 984-5279

We have no mill minimums, but below a certain volume we have set-up adders. Those levels are:

Russellville – 5000 lbs for 6000 and 5000 series alloys. 7500 lbs for 2000 and 7000 series.
Gulfport – non-distribution customers are 2000 pounds for our larger press and 1000 pounds on the smaller press.

Russellville – 13” with a .500” wall; Gulfport – 6” x .313 (alloy/temper specific and 6” SCH 40 pipe (6.625 X .280))
Russellville – 12” with a .500” wall; Gulfport – 4x4x.250 (alloy/temper specific, with some larger combinations possible)
Russellville – 9”; Gulfport – 1”x 6”, with some larger combinations possible




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