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Taber Aluminum Extrusion Latest News

Infinitely Taber: Aluminum Extrusion Leader Taber At-A-Glance

Taber Extrusions: Shaping Russellville, Arkansas Since 1973

"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men." – Herman Melville Taber is known around the globe for our broad and unique range of capabilities. We have one [...]

The Many Advantages of Friction Stir Welding

About Taber:  Founded in 1973, Taber Extrusions originally pioneered a process for extruding rectangular billets which enables the company to extrude solid profiles up to 31 inches wide or hollows up to 29 inches. [...]

Taber Extrusions Recognized by Russellville for Energy Savings Excellence

“I couldn’t be happier to assist Arkansas businesses reduce their power consumption by energy efficient measures. Every project that CLEAResult assists a customer with is a positive step in their energy reduction,” says Taylor [...]