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Taber Aluminum Extrusion Latest News

Taber: Microextrusions For Defense and Aerospace

Like conventional aluminum extrusions, microextrusions are pushed through a die. Unlike conventional extrusions, the entire extrusion process is performed at a submillimeter level. In other words, the resulting product’s cross section can fit [...]

Aluminum Microtubing Rapidly Developing in Sync: Microextrusions

Recent advancements in extrusion have allowed for aluminum microtubing products to be used in medicine and surgical applications. Specifically, microextrusions have allowed for OEM’s to request microtubing with dimensions previously thought impossible. With continued advancements [...]

Industries That Use Friction Stir Welding

Amid the screech of saws cutting through metal, the beeping of forklifts, and the clank of metal components, workers in modern shipyards are producing some of the largest vessels in the world. A [...]

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