Taber Extrusions Announces Micro-Extrusion Capabilities

Ultra-precision aluminum extrusions are produced through a proprietary technique that delivers features, tolerances, and surface finishes previously believed to be impossible. This unique extrusion process continues to impress design engineers, offering an additional design alternative for the production of precision aluminum components.
Industries most commonly using micro-extrusions include :







Cost-Effective Manufacturing

  • Alternative methods with lower tooling costs
  • Meeting tighter dimensional and tolerance requirements than generally seen with costly conventional process
  • Fast turn-around reducing time to market

Quality Custom Extrusion Designs

  • Developed using advanced CAD capabilities: Pro-E and Solidworks
  • Validated using state-of-the-art measuring equipment and statistical process control
  • Manufactured in a world-class clean manufacturing facility with advanced processes delivering superior quality
  • Registered to ISO 9001 2008

Microextrusion Capabilities

  • Up to 0.500 square inch of the parts total cross sectional area
  • Special cases to 0.750 square inch
  • Cross section of the part must fit within a 3″ circle
  • Minimum wall thickness of 0.010 inches
  • Standard tolerance of ±0.003 inches
  • Key characteristic tolerances of ±0.001 inches
  • Surface finish of 32 RMs or better

Key advantages for you:

  • Greater design flexibility
  • High-quality precision aluminum extrusions at machined tolerances
  • Reduced costs
  • Thinwall capability
  • Excellent surface finish

Let’s Innovate.

Why Taber?

Taber Extrusions is a full-service partner, and we have an unwavering commitment to consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations by providing both products and service of the highest quality. This commitment is at the core of our value added philosophy.

Our Certifications

º ISO 9001:2008 ( Technically equivalent to EN9100:2009 and JISQ 9100:2009)

º AS 9100C

º ABS QUALITY ASSURANCE Program certificate no. 11-MMPQA-652. ABS Mill approval to produce extruded aluminum alloys Products for Marine applications 5083H111, 5086H111, 5454H111, 5456H111, 6061T6, 6082T6. Maximum diameter: 1.0 inch Casting process included.

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