17 07, 2017

Why You Should Be Recycling Aluminum

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Recycling aluminum. What’s the big deal? Although new people are opting to recycle their aluminum products every day, still more choose to simply throw these products in with the rest of their trash. Doing this a great disservice to yourself and the environment; not only do many states in the U.S pay you a return for recycling your aluminum cans, but the simple act of recycling aluminum products reduces your consumption footprint by over 95%  – in other words, the energy it takes to reuse an aluminum can is 5% that of smelting and producing a new one. More on that later- first, let’s discuss what effects the impact of NOT recycling aluminum can have on the environment, and the economy.

ENVIRONMENTAL DETRIMENTS of not recycling aluminum

Every year in the United States, around 100 billion aluminum cans are manufactured and sold, but less than half of those cans make it to the recycling bin. This number is consistent among developed countries (with few exceptions; Brazil for example recycles around 98% of its aluminum cans.) Cans that are not recycled are either incinerated, which creates harmful emissions, or find themselves in landfills, where it will take them 200-500 years to decompose. This is no small amount of aluminum- even conservative estimates dictate that we waste 1.5 million tons of aluminum every year. That’s 1.5 million tons of aluminum cans that must be made anew from virgin materials, rather than from recycled aluminum materials.

And what does creating new aluminum entail? According to the Container Recycling Institute, while aluminum cans only make up 1.4 percent of any given ton of garbage, they account for 14 percent of the harmful emissions when it comes to replacing these wasted materials with new ones.

That includes all of the other aspects of creating aluminum, including strip mining for bauxite ore and smelting it down into a usable form.

ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS of recycling aluminum

Simply put, the benefits of recycling aluminum (and any recyclable material) are that it greatly conserves energy, conserves our natural resources and puts them back to use, and reduces water and air pollution. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be recycled over and over with no limit. Since 1884, billons of metric tons of aluminum have been produced, and roughly 74% of that is still in use due to its recyclability.

Aluminum is unparalleled when it comes to retrieving usable material and creating new products from it. In fact, all aspects of an aluminum made product can be reused; and the simple act of tossing your aluminum can in the recycling bin conserves 95% of the energy it takes to create a new one. Aluminum is the most used material in creation of new products, so even a small percentage increase of people recycling will pay off in dividends when it comes to our future. For every 1-ton of aluminum recycled, the planet is spared 9 tons of CO2 emissions.

A little truly goes a long way, and the energy saved from this recycled material can be better used to power our lives in an efficient way.




Happy recycling!

2 05, 2017

Spotlight – Eric Angermeier

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Has anyone gotten to know the new President of Taber yet? Maybe you’ve had a polite exchange, correspondence through e-mail, or even sat down with him in a meeting. But if you’re lucky, you’re sipping your coffee right now, and can afford yourself a few minutes to kick back and get to know a thing or two about Mr. Eric Angermeier.

He’s an authentic Midwesterner with the family values and hard-working attitude to match. Ask him what his perfect day would consist of, Angermeier may just straighten his back, raise his voice a bit, and say, “Seeing success and progress. Working with engaged teams. Getting that big order.” Strong career focus and building victory is something that keeps his personal attention. Yet, when he does leave the office, you may find him doing some yard work, playing golf, or spending some relaxing time with his family.

Originally from the Detroit, Michigan area, Eric entered his academic career as an accounting major and earned BS in Business Administration, then became a Certified Lean Manager from Ohio State University. Since then, he’s accumulated roughly 30 years of collective experience in the aluminum and aluminum extrusion industry and gained a rich background in developing team-based organizations. He established himself in various senior level leadership roles including sales and operations management at multiple plant sites in the United States. Prior to coming to Taber, Angermeier held the role of President at Manufacturing Performance Improvement Systems Consulting, utilizing his strong established background in operations, sales, and finance.

It’s safe to say that the President of Taber Extrusions is bringing some added wisdom to the team. Grandfatherly wisdom, as well – Eric is a Grandfather, a Dad, and a Husband whom loves nothing more than having the family under one roof whenever possible (or around one lake.) When the gift-of-getaway happens, Angermeier’s favorite destinations are mostly here in the U.S., and maybe a tropical beach or a Canadian lake, with family.

On-point with that instilled Midwest social responsibility, Eric is a recent member of the Economic Development Council and Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Spent time on the board of The Center of Excellence at Ohio State, and is active in The United Way. He is looking for opportunities to get involved in civic affairs in the Russellville, Arkansas and Gulfport, Mississippi areas. It’s clear that Angermeier has the mindset of a catalyst, and he has his sights set on a very bright future for Taber, “Our vision is to develop our culture of integrity, to leverage our unique capabilities to continue to foster business growth, to be the preferred employer and supplier for the extrusion industry, to continually lower our environmental footprint, and to reach this vision through the newly developing Taber Extrusions Production System.”



What impresses Eric most about the folks at Taber? “I’ve received a great welcome. They are truly responsive to ideas, and willing to help me learn the business here at Taber,” he says. “With Taber being truly unique in the aluminum extrusion industry because of the large press extrusion sizes while offering both hard and soft alloys; we are able to offer what no one else can. That is exciting.” And speaking of exciting, when asked what he might have done with his life if the aluminum industry had never become a part of it, he responded, “Renting out jet skis or para-sailing rides… or, well…. probably teaching business courses.” Welcome to the club, Eric Angermeier!

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