20 10, 2011

“Aluminum Man” Video Goes Viral & We Like IT!

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Dare I ask, Is the ‘Aluminum Man’ video good for the industry? While the video was created as a jovial stunt it does offer up facts about aluminum. Lyrics describe the main character, Aluminum Man, as “light as a feather” and “recyclable;” all positive descriptions of the material.

The video’s creator, Richard Heene, has made previous viral spoofs that garnered he and his family international public attention, not all of which has been entirely positive. But with estimates that aluminum stocks will rise in the 4th Quarter after what some might call a rough and unpredictable year, there’s little point in not bobbing along to the song which in its best moments praises the material for both its fanciful and practical purposes. So while the Huffington Post may not understand why Heene as contributed yet another stunt to his repertoire of joke videos and what the world could possibly learn from it- we’re bobbing along and yes…singing it praises.

CLICK HERE to read the original video and to watch the video or HERE to learn more about aluminum’s predicted stock gain in 2011’s 4th Quarter.

16 03, 2011

Aluminum extrusions are found in structural components

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The home is one of the most important places in our hearts. It comes as no surprise that aluminum extrusions are used for structural components. Structural components that use aluminum extrusions include decking, tent poles, and well…most things that help hold your home up, whether it is a tent or a house by the beach. From beams to circle sized architectural sections aluminum extrusions are key.

Think of anything that needs to hold something up…it just might incorporate aluminum extrusions. Those signs on the street corner, or on the highway will probably be made out of extruded aluminum. It is everywhere in our lives, even in what we consider to be normal day-to-day structures.  So take a deep breath and learn about the fascinating world of aluminum extrusions and how they are incorporated into almost everything in our lives from structures to airplanes.

7 10, 2010

Top 5 ways to serve your clients

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Over the past several decades, we have not only grown in our ability to provide the best, customized aluminum extrusions, but we’ve also learned a thing or two about how to serve our customers.

As a small company, rooted in our Southern charm and good old fashioned neighborliness, we thought we’d share our secret ingredients to keeping those who matter most happy!

Here are the top 5 ways we serve our clients:

1) Quality. Our quality programs have allowed us to be a leading supplier of high quality aluminum extrusions for nearly four decades. By ensuring that every process and procedure, from billet procurement and final shipment fulfills all ISO9001 and AS9100 standards, Taber maintains preferred supplier ratings. Our positive reputation for quality programs enables customers to optimize their end-product procurement time.

2) Honesty. We supply standard and custom shapes to all distributors and provide services in many areas including government, military, shipbuilding, rail car, electronics, etc, therefore honesty is an important component when it comes to service. It is in our code of ethics to be honest and straightforward with our clients because there are strict guidelines we need to follow to insure safety and correct protocol standards in the industry.

3) Innovation. Our customer-first approach, combined with a long-standing tradition of extrusion excellence, allows us to turn almost any idea into a design application related to aerospace, transportation, mining, military, electronics, marine, shipbuilding, R&D projects, and sporting goods. Consumer manufacturers from around the globe trust us for their most important, unique, and customized extrusions, allowing us to keep our clients as leading innovators in their industry.

4) Customized Capabilities. The unique, customized capabilities are key, which is why our specialty is the manufacturing of complex and intricate extrusions which competitors consider difficult or even impossible. Our full range of extrusion presses, from 1800 and 3000 ton to large 8600 ton, give us unmatched flexibility and profile capabilities.

5) Commitment to Extrusion Excellence. We have an unwavering commitment to consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations by providing both products and service of the highest quality. For example, one of the largest extrusion presses in the U.S., our 8600 ton press has the capability to extrude both 16 and 20 inch round billets, and 10” x 28” rectangular billets with a maximum circle size of 29-1/2” and up to 85 lbs. per foot. With the ability to extrude large, intricate configurations, such as lightweight but strong one-piece extrusions, the customer can incorporate whole assemblies of small components into one extruded part.

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