Russellville, AR – Taber Extrusions is proud to announce their selection as a participant in the upcoming ShipTech 2016 Conference. ShipTech is a two-day event intended as a forum for the domestic shipbuilding industry, its supplier base, the U.S. Navy Program Offices and the U.S. Navy-sponsored shipbuilding research programs to exchange information on shipbuilding technical developments.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 3.06.03 PMTaber Extrusions will be presenting Extruded Aluminum Alloys: Improving Shipbuilding and Repair Efficiency to the select group of ShipTech attendees as a part of the Materials Technologies/Additive Manufacturing Session during the conference. ShipTech is also featuring Taber’s abstract, Aluminum Magnesium Alloy AMX602: Potential Naval Armor Applications.

The abstract discusses a new aluminum magnesium alloy that could potentially be used in the fabrication building of naval Navy ships and related operationsmanufracturing. The alloy, AMX602, is a magnesium and aluminum alloy which “exhibits microstructure, mechanical, corrosion resistance, and ballistic characteristics that exceed current aluminum armor standards.”

This is good news for the U.S. Navy, who which currently faces new challenges in shipbuilding including making ships lighter, faster, stronger, more lethal, and of course seaworthy. AMX602 performed well during testing, and performed favorably compared to current aluminum alloys used in the naval market defense industry.

“The promising attributes of this material warrant further research into its armor capability and study into manufacturing technology to support mass production,” states the abstract. The future looks promising for this new aluminum alloy, which may be setting sail for mass production and fabrication in the not-so-distant future.