From left to right are photos of Charles Stout (President of Taber Extrusions), Jason Weber (VP of Sales & Marketing Taber Extrusions), and Jeffrey Bladow (Director of New Business Development Taber Extrusions) smiling directly at the camera with their respective names and positions under each of their photos. On top of that is a text that says, “INNOVATING TOGETHER: Taber Extrusions. Aluminum Extruders Council”. On the bottom of the photos are the Taber of logo with the upside-down golden triangle and the word “Taber” written with a silver gradient on top of it. Under the Taber logo is AEC's blue and gray logo, slightly on the left. The words “ALUMINUM EXTRUDERS COUNCIL” and “Aluminum Extrusions: Shaping Solutions together” are placed next to the AEC logo and divided by a thin grey line.