The AEC lowercase letters logo with blue on top and grey at the bottom next to “Aluminum Extruders Council” in grey text all inside a white box at the top of the dark blue graphic above the words “the best resource.” Taber’s logo with an inverted, striped gold triangle is at the bottom next to some small vertical extrusion examples.

The remarkably most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust is aluminum, although it does not typically appear in its pure form in nature. Derived from bauxite, it is a mineral mined in several parts of the world. It was not until 1888 that humankind developed an economically attainable process for the commercial production of aluminum. For decades, it has opened new dimensions. Countless aluminum-made objects simplify and increase the quality of our daily lives, such as compact discs, cars, refrigerators, kitchenware, electric power lines, packaging for food and medicine, computers, furniture, and aircraft.

Trivia time! Built in 1931, the Empire State Building was the highest building worldwide until 1970. Did you know that it was the first building that used aluminum in construction, both in the basic structures and interior?

What is the Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC)?

The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) is a global trade association dedicated to advancing the effective use of aluminum extrusion in North America. AEC is committed to bringing the diverse details about extrusion’s attributes, utilization, environmental welfare, composition, and technology to its market, engineers, product designers, and the academic community. Additionally, AEC focuses on enhancing its members’ ability to meet the market’s emerging demands through sharing knowledge and best practices.

The AEC lowercase letters logo with blue on top and grey at the bottom next to “Aluminum Extruders Council” in grey text.

How The Aluminum Extruders Council Began

Leaders in the aluminum extruders industry formed the Aluminum Extruders Council in 1949. Back then, the biggest issue for individual extruders was access to aluminum. Since metal was apportioned, these individuals could join forces and get the material they needed.

As time evolved, the Aluminum Extruders Council has become a player in some of the most significant geopolitical issues of the day. As an example, they were heavily involved in the Section 232 investigation. The very recent Russian sanctions impacted them because Russia is the world’s second-largest aluminum producer.

Most noteworthy, in 2009, the AEC came together and decided to initiate a trade case against the Chinese aluminum extrusion industry. These Chinese companies were “dumping” their cheap metal on the U.S. market and threatening the very existence of the North American aluminum extrusion industry. The Council won its case and became the first aluminum segment to address China’s overage and excess capacity in 2011. That was an important event in the AEC’s history. It galvanized the domestic industry, and the AEC developed into its current association.

What The Aluminum Extruders Council Does

AEC focuses on enhancing its members‘ ability to meet the market’s emerging demands through knowledge sharing and best practices. They provide resources for members to continuously improve and excel in their profession, expand their operations, and promote the industry. Devoted to assisting its members in overcoming the challenges that emerge in a competitive manufacturing environment, the Aluminum Extruders Council provides the following programs, initiatives, and support services:

  • Informs designers and manufacturers of the advantages and applications of aluminum extrusions through its website, educational presentations, and webinars.
  • Publishes the yearly Buyers’ Guide, a directory of member companies to be used as a directory and buyer’s pool of information.
  • Enlightens members about emerging technologies and industry trends via publications and educational opportunities such as training sessions, online programs, seminars, and conferences.
  • Collects, analyzes, and disseminates production and management statistical information to help members benchmark operations.
  • Works with government and regulatory bodies on matters pertinent to the industry.
  • Provides numerous networking opportunities for members to exchange, discuss, and problem-solve their everyday challenges.
  • Recommends North American aluminum extrusion industry interests.
  • Listens to members’ concerns and allows member input through various volunteer opportunities.

Taber Extrusions Connection with the AEC

Taber Extrusions is a proud member of the Aluminum Extrusions Council, and our very own Charles Stout, Jason Weber, and Jeffrey Bladow are active members of the AEC.

From left to right are photos of Charles Stout (President of Taber Extrusions), Jason Weber (VP of Sales & Marketing Taber Extrusions), and Jeffrey Bladow (Director of New Business Development Taber Extrusions) smiling directly at the camera with their respective names and positions under each of their photos. On top of that is a text that says, “INNOVATING TOGETHER: Taber Extrusions. Aluminum Extruders Council”. On the bottom of the photos are the Taber of logo with the upside-down golden triangle and the word “Taber” written with a silver gradient on top of it. Under the Taber logo is AEC's blue and gray logo, slightly on the left. The words “ALUMINUM EXTRUDERS COUNCIL” and “Aluminum Extrusions: Shaping Solutions together” are placed next to the AEC logo and divided by a thin grey line.

Charles Stout is the president of Taber Extrusions. He is a highly skilled and innovative leader with over 25 years of experience across multiple end markets. He has over 5+ years of experience in the aluminum extrusion industry and has worked for almost ten years in the United States Navy as a Nuclear Machinist’s Mate Chief. Since he became the president, he has brought a renewed focus on ownership, accountability, focus, and driving results. As Taber’s president, Charles sets a strong example by being the chairman of the Academic Engagement committee in the Aluminum Extruders Council.

Jason Weber is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Taber Extrusions. He has more than 20 years of global manufacturing background experience, lending a hand in product innovation and offering services. Jason is an active part of the AEC and member of the Council’s Marketing/Industry Promotion Team.

Jeffrey Bladow is the director of new business development at Taber. Jeffrey has been helping Taber grow by assisting in strategy development as well as providing technical support to customers regarding Taber’s new processes and applications. Like Jason and Charles, he is also an active member of AEC, specifically in the Automotive Committee.

The International Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar (ET or ET Seminar)

The International Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar or “ET” – is a comprehensive event that is unafraid to address every facet of the aluminum extrusion industry through its quality programming, which spans three days. The ET Seminar has a reputation for dedication to brilliance. Those in the aluminum extrusion industry highly reveres this event. Global delegates gather to hear about the latest industry developments from the brightest minds in business and academia. At the core of the ET program are the technical sessions. Additionally, the highest caliber technical papers are accepted for presentation. All the research is new or updated, making ET unique in the industry!


Five adults sit and discuss a topic at a small table while at the seminar. ET Image Attribution:

ET Image Attribution:

The Team Supremacy 

ET Foundation ( provides extensive briefings to every person on your team. From technical forums to in-conjunction workshops to the ET Expo, Showcase, and nETworking, ET provides the medium for all aluminum extrusion information your team members will value and utilize. Your ET investment will bring in ongoing benefits for your established senior staff and the up-and-coming generation of new industry talent. ET ’24 (ET24.US) will kick off on April 30th, 2024 in Orlando, Florida.

What’s So Special About ET?

 ET is so unique that it only takes place once every four years. The event, focused entirely on the aluminum extrusion industry, is unmatched.

Experience up-to-date research and technology breakthroughs in the aluminum extrusion field at the 120+ technical sessions presented by international experts in every aspect of extrusion — technical, scientific, and research. The ET Foundation, the organization that produces the event, continually strives to improve the ET program. Additional learning opportunities are being added with the focus on the extrusion end users and designers, offering technical sessions that address topics from markets like automotive and transportation, marine, electrical and building & construction, processes like anodizing & painting extrusions, fabrication & assembly, and simulation & modeling, and concepts like designing with extrusions, sustainability & recycling, automation, and much more.

Look into the vital ET Expo, featuring products, equipment, and services from leading industry suppliers. Beyond a trade show, ET Expo is the hub of knowledge, where challenges are addressed with new concepts and ideas.

Join nETworking opportunities to develop, expand, and enhance your connections, for business success, and career growth.

The Extrusion Showcase banner is on the right and the ET exhibitions are to the left in a hall. ET Showcase Image Attribution:

ET Showcase Image Attribution:

ET ’22, held in May 2022, was the ideal place to share ideas and experiences, mentor new talent, meet tough challenges, and plan for future success.

The event provided opportunities to connect with aluminum extrusion industry professionals from over 50 countries at the International Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar (ET Seminar)! This foremost seminar delivered over 120 technical sessions, hosted an exposition featuring products, equipment, and services from industry suppliers, networking events, and much more!

The next ET Seminar event is scheduled to take place in less than two years in Orlando, Florida.

Want to get more details? You may check out their page ( for updates or subscribe to their newsletter!

About Taber Extrusions

Taber Extrusions’ specialty is manufacturing complex and intricate aluminum extrusions, which competitors consider difficult or impossible. Taber can customize their products for any application: military and defense, aircraft and aerospace, transportation, automotive, architectural, sporting goods, and naval marine industries.

Additionally, Taber Extrusions is a full-service partner. amongst its offerings: custom aluminum alloy casting, award-winning extrusion of complex, heavy, and wide shapes, finishing services such as cut-to-length, welding, painting, and anodizing, along with ultrasonic testing, and more. We are committed to constantly meeting and exceeding customer expectations by providing products and services of the highest quality.

Why has Taber Extrusions been a trailblazer in the extrusion industry for over four decades? We’re minority-owned and ISO-9001 certified, to start. Add Taber’s value-added outlook, with our adaptive capacity and premium customer service, and Taber becomes a legacy.

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