Nokia Joins The Aluminum Bandwagon

2015-06-18T15:33:36+00:00March 7th, 2013|

We recently told you about reports of Apple’s next iPhone — the one that supposedly will be manufactured out of an all-aluminum body. Not to be outdone, Nokia is trying to up the ante. Like the Apple news, Nokia’s new body will reportedly be an aluminum outer shell.

Considering Apple’s earlier leaked news, maybe this doesn’t sound like that big of a deal. That is, not until you consider this little tidbit — try making the whole darn thing waterproof. From Slashgear:

As for the waterproof technology, P2i is said to be providing the services, and will allow the new phone to be completely waterproof even without having to put covers over the ports. We’re guessing the nano coating that’s used is the same process that Liquipel uses to waterproof various devices. The company made an appearance at CES back in January.

It’s said that the EOS will debut sometime this year, but specifics are hard to come by at this point still. However, we could expect an announcement sometime during the fall, when Nokia hold their annual event where they’ve unveiled new products in the past, including new Windows Phone 8 devices just last year.

We’re pretty high up on what aluminum can do, but let’s be truthful here — aluminum can’t waterproof your electronics. However, this new nano coating just might do the trick. And when combined with a sleek, lightweight, and durable aluminum body, it may mean that your phone will be able to withstand the elements much better than before while looking and feeling better than ever.