8 02, 2019

Taber Aluminum Extrusion Company Awarded NMLP Safety Excellence Award

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Plant safety is something all the NMLP companies take very seriously, and this past year, aluminum extrusion company Taber Extrusions took home National Material L.P.’s 2018 Safety Excellence Award for exceptional safety management at their Russellville, Arkansas facility.

Taber’s current safety management system was implemented by Taber President Eric Angermeier, who takes a very deliberate approach to plant safety by setting goals, planning, measuring performance, documenting controls, and focusing on continuous improvement. “I’ll be celebrating my 2-year anniversary in early 2019 and feel even more fortunate to have this opportunity to be a member of Team Taber. Our safest year in Taber history, we developed innovative new products that expanded the markets we serve as well as welcomed many new members to our outstanding team. I would like to thank our dedicated associated, loyal customers, and supplier/partners who helped make 2018 a successful year,”Recently featured in Light Metal Age Magazine for both their casthouse modernization & micro-extrusion capabilities, Taber is a classic example of rapid growth not inhibiting plant safety in the slightest, but serving as a strong motivator to continually raise the bar.

The primary elements of Taber’s safety management system include:

  • Perpetual assessment & evaluation of existing safety policies
  • Process & workflow analysis
  • Establishment of safety work procedures
  • Safety training & meetings
  • Safety inspections
  • Maintenance regimens of plants, equipment, and processes
  • Identification of hazards & hazard analysis
  • Facilitation of occupational health programs
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Documentation control & management reviews

A vendor of Taber’s recently visited their Russellville plant had this to say: “It’s evident that this is an aluminum extrusion company that goes above and beyond in every way. There’s a message that comes across when a business is known for their safety standards. It shows they are mindful of the details. It shows that attention to detail is part of their culture.”

Russellville Plant Manager Gavin Buttherworth, Taber President Eric Angermeier, Gulfport and Plant Manager Mike Keenan standing by the NMLP Safety Award Trophy

Russellville Plant Manager Gavin Buttherworth, Taber President Eric Angermeier, Gulfport and Plant Manager Mike Keenan standing by the NMLP Safety Award Trophy

Founded in 1973, Taber Extrusions originally pioneered a process for extruding rectangular billet which enables the company to extrude solid profiles up to 31 inches wide or hollows up to 29 inches. Taber expanded with the purchase of an extrusion facility in Gulfport, MS, in 1995 which houses a cast house and two additional presses, and the fabrication area has been expanded multiple times. Today, Taber Extrusions is proud of their expanded capabilities to include micro-extrusions and 7” billet molds.

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