Taber Extrusions Earns Exclusive Industry Title

2017-01-26T23:37:30+00:00February 26th, 2013|

It’s always good to earn top marks in something, but it’s even better when that approval comes from one of the world’s most powerful companies. In this case, aerospace leader Lockheed Martin has awarded the title of Perfect Performer to Taber Extrusions. It’s exclusive company, as first Lockheed Martin vendors have to be part of the Preferred Supplier Program; from there, the vendor must deliver a trio of 100s — 100% quality, 100% delivery rating, and at least $100,000 in parts and supplies for the calendar year. To be acknowledged as a 2012 Perfect Performer is indeed a very humbling and gratifying experience. From the Taber Extrusions press release:

As a Lockheed Martin Preferred Supplier, Taber is provided opportunities to experience increased visibility to senior level management.  The Preferred Supplier Program also offers access to procurement, engineering and quality personnel. Taber is proud to have been a Lockheed Martin Preferred Supplier since 2001.

“Taber appreciates Lockheed Martin’s recognition of our accomplishments in providing quality products that meet their schedule requirements,” said Steven Althardt, Taber’s Sales Manager. “We also are appreciative of Lockheed Martin’s Preferred Supplier Program, which Taber has been included in since 2001. The products Taber supplies are critical in the support of our armed forces.  We understand the significance of these programs and accept the responsibility that accompanies our participation.  I commend all the Taber employees that diligently work to ensure that we are able to meet our customer requirements in support of these critical programs.”

Of course, Taber Extrusions strivess to be a Perfect Performer to every one of our customers, whether they’re as big as Lockheed Martin or an innovative small business. In both cases — and everything in between — quality and service are our top priority, though it certainly doesn’t hurt when our country’s leading aerospace and defense contractor notices a job well done.