“Aluminum Man” Video Goes Viral & We Like IT!

2017-01-26T23:37:32+00:00October 20th, 2011|

Dare I ask, Is the ‘Aluminum Man’ video good for the industry? While the video was created as a jovial stunt it does offer up facts about aluminum. Lyrics describe the main character, Aluminum Man, as “light as a feather” and “recyclable;” all positive descriptions of the material.

The video’s creator, Richard Heene, has made previous viral spoofs that garnered he and his family international public attention, not all of which has been entirely positive. But with estimates that aluminum stocks will rise in the 4th Quarter after what some might call a rough and unpredictable year, there’s little point in not bobbing along to the song which in its best moments praises the material for both its fanciful and practical purposes. So while the Huffington Post may not understand why Heene as contributed yet another stunt to his repertoire of joke videos and what the world could possibly learn from it- we’re bobbing along and yes…singing it praises.

CLICK HERE to read the original video and to watch the video or HERE to learn more about aluminum’s predicted stock gain in 2011’s 4th Quarter.