19 12, 2022

Fun Ways to Gift Aluminum This Holiday Season

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A view from above an antique wooden table with gift boxes laid at the bottom and right side. The gifts are wrapped in festive Christmas colors. A translucent rounded rectangular banner with the title of the article is written in a black and white font inside the banner.

What are the fun ways to gift aluminum this holiday season?  When we hear the word “aluminum,” the first things that come to mind are those busy construction sites, a stretch of beautifully designed and elegant windows in city buildings, that stylish sports car you saw on the road one time, or the thin metallic wrapping on your favorite sandwich (or that cold six-pack waiting for you to get home). Aluminum is everywhere and it has shaped our world in many ways.

And as you may have already known by reading our past articles about aluminum here at Taber, the applications are only limited by our imagination. We know that it is pliable – lightweight yet strong, rich in properties, and highly recyclable. Wouldn’t it be awesome to gift your loved ones something made in aluminum this holiday?

I bet you didn’t see that coming from us here at Taber – but as the holidays draw closer, we want to help you explore these gift ideas, so you don’t have to wait for that traditional 10th-anniversary aluminum gift.

Smart Watches/Wearable Technology

Most smartwatches in the market today use aluminum and even aircraft-grade aluminum

casing for their wearable devices making them elegant and durable. Help motivate your loved ones on their fitness journey with style.

A collage of two photos. The one on the left has a stack of 3 laptops laid on top of one another. The photo on the right is a square smartwatch with an aluminum casing showing the time and a black wristband.


Yes, the first thing to consider when purchasing a laptop is its specifications or what is under the hood. But laptop chassis or casings made with aluminum are more durable than plastic making it safe for the internal components inside.

Aluminum Cookware

Cookware made from aluminum is widely used in the restaurant business because of its durability and it distributes heat well making them cost-effective.

A collage of three photos. On the upper left corner is a row of colorful metal water bottles on a shelf. At the bottom left corner is two hands reaching to grab two water bottles colored black and white on their sides on a white sheet. And the photo on the right shows aluminum pans in a row hanging on hooks on a wall of a kitchen.

Water Bottle Tumblers

These are great vessels for your hot and cold drinks because their ability to retain temperature makes cold drinks stay cold longer and hot drinks stay warm.

Luggage Bags

Light yet durable, this is the reason why most luggage bags are manufactured using aluminum. They can be resistant to liquid, are professional-looking (but stylish at the same time) and are easy to secure.

Aluminum Photo Print

They are light and easy to hang, making them appropriate for large-scale designs suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


When aluminum is anodized, it allows the absorption of dyes and paints into the material making stunning and unique effects.

A collage of three photos. On the left is a guitar laid down with a focus on the bridge and strings. On the upper right is a portrait of a person, both hands holding the jewelry on their head and wearing a large aluminum bracelet on one arm. The third photo in the lower right corner is a portrait of a person on the dark background with headphones. The image is created with lines of vibrant neon colors signifying music and art.

Aluminum Guitars

According to Hoxey Guitars, an aluminum guitar exhibits a very full-frequency tone with a piano-esque low end, a detailed midrange, and a complex treble brilliance that lends it a chorus-like three-dimensionality.

A Romantic Sound Wave

A company like Soundwave Art makes aluminum soundwave art by sandwiching a black, solid plastic core between two aluminum sheets. Your Soundwave is printed and attached to the aluminum.

Kitchen Appliances

While stainless steel might be more durable than aluminum, it’s also heavier in exchange, and aluminum is a much more lightweight material to work with and handle. You can learn more by visiting this link.

A beautiful modern kitchen with a metallic fridge, gas range, and microwave oven. There are metallic lamps on the ceiling and a circular-shaped insert photo of a close-up of a gas range’s controls and knobs.

These are only some of the general ideas that make ideal gifts made from aluminum that you can consider this holiday season. Isn’t it surprising to know that aluminum can be a unique, elegant, and thoughtful way of showing your loved ones how you took the time to give them something to enjoy this year?

You can also check out our 50 Aluminum Gift Ideas to see specific gift items for your reference.

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21 12, 2018

50 Aluminum Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season

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As an aluminum extrusion company, we hold aluminum close to our hearts, so we thought we’d pass along some fun ideas so you can give the gift of aluminum this Christmas! Aluminum is pliable, plentiful, strong, lightweight, easy to combine with other materials, heat resistant, non-corrosive, a great conductor of electricity, and 100% recyclable. What’s not to love?

1. Golf clubs – Aluminum shafts mean faster swing, increasing distance with each shot.
2. Watch – Did you know they even have aircraft-grade aluminum watches?
3. Dutch oven – Lightweight, rust-proof, & easy to clean.
4. Money clip – Get it hand-stamped or engraved.
5. Fountain pen – Sleek, durable, classic.
6. Tie clip – Simple, fashionable, timeless.
7. Aluminum tumblers – Brighten up the BBQ or picnic with colorful retro tumbler cup set.
8. BBQ Set – Aluminum BBQ grill, or grill accessories… for the perfect outdoor meal.
9. Wind chimes – Add harmony to the home or garden with the gentle lullaby of chimes.
10. Waffle iron – How ‘bout a cast aluminum stovetop waffle maker?
11. Kaleidoscope – A unique gift for a very special someone who brings color to your life.
12. Bicycle – For the child, the athlete, or the leisure-seeker.
13. Ladder – Foldable step-stool for the kitchen or a ladder for indoor/outdoor tasks.
14. Mailbox – Secure, weather resistant, heavy-duty aluminum for curbside appeal.
15. Ski poles – Sturdy aluminum poles make the most sense.
16. Refrigerator – Kitchen trends come and go, but aluminum appliances are steadfast.
17. Salt & pepper shakers – Go vintage or go modern, everyone uses salt & pepper shakers.
18. Toaster – Toaster or toaster oven, forever a useful gift.
19. Bottle stopper – Stylish, sophisticated, practical, and you can personalize them.
20. Knife Set/Swiss army knife – Carving sets, cutlery, utility knives…
21. Fishing boat – Aluminum is the ideal solution for boaters seeking inexpensive versatility.
22. Office chair – Enhance comfort & style at work or in the home office with a new chair.
23. Espresso maker – Everyone knows life is better with coffee drinks.
24. Cufflinks – Add a touch of class and a splash of color with polished aluminum cufflinks.
25. Coasters – Handcrafted or engraved, the table is protected and the drinks are stylish.

Christmas postcard showing various aluminum products such as a computer, bicycle, and toaster. Reads: the gift of aluminum.

26. Speakers/Bluetooth speakers – Turn up the soundtrack and get celebrating.
27. Martini shakers – Sharpen bartending skills and cocktail endeavors.
28. DVDs & CDs – We all have an album or a movie that we need to hold in our hands.
29. Jewelry tree – A perfect way to display necklaces, bobbles and bangles.
30. Baseball bat – Or softball bat, to hit the fast pitches and curve balls.
31. Serving utensils – Serve in style & get savory dishes from pan to plate.
32. Computer – Did you know computers contain aluminum micro-extrusions?
33. Patio furniture – Outfit an outdoor living space with durable cast aluminum furniture.
34. Window frame – New windows? Another item made with aluminum extrusions.
35. Flag pole – To honor, remember, or show holiday spirit far and wide.
36. Hairspray (Aerosol containers) – Put together a gift basket of “beauty goodies.”
37. Camping equipment – Make it easy to spend the weekend outdoors. Prepare ahead.
38. 6-pack ‘o beer – Or someone’s favorite soda pop.
39. Pots & pans – Cook like a pro with anodized aluminum pots & pans.
40. Car rims – Nothing says “I love you” like a set of rims.
41. Umbrella – A simple and thoughtful gift that comes in every imaginable design & color.
42. Aluminum sculpture – How about the perfect artistic sculpture for your loved one?
43. Bangle bracelets – All the rage right now, the more the merrier.
44. Customizable license plates – Oh, how clever you can be. This gift goes everywhere.
45. Keychain – Stocking stuffer, office gift, or customize something special.
46. Aluminum water bottle – Keep it cold, keep it hot.
47. Bottle opener/Corkscrew – A thoughtful gift for your favorite wine lover & host.
48. Beverage tub/Wine chiller – Keep your drinks cool at your next BBQ or event.
49. Picture frame – Put a past memory in the frame or take a new pic!
50. Luggage – More air miles than ground miles? A durable aluminum suitcase is a must.

… and don’t forget to wrap your gift in aluminum foil, topping it off with a great big, pretty bow! (If you really want to go all out, that is.) Aluminum symbolizes the ability to weather life’s ups and downs, and the holidays are a time to recognize how far we’ve come and share future hope with friends and family. May your holiday be filled with joy, laughter, peace… and aluminum.

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