Taber’s Customized Capabilities Are Key

2015-06-18T15:33:38+00:00June 21st, 2012|

For us, the unique, customized capabilities are key. Taber Extrusions’ specialty is the manufacturing of complex and intricate extrusions which competitors consider difficult or even impossible. Our full range of extrusion presses, from 1800 and 3000 ton to large 8600 ton, give us unmatched flexibility and profile capabilities.

One of the largest extrusion presses in the United States, our 8600 ton press has the capability to extrude both 16 and 20 inch round billets, and 10” x 28” rectangular billets with a maximum circle size of 29-1/2” and up to 85 lbs. per foot. With the ability to extrude large, intricate configurations, such as lightweight but strong one-piece extrusions, the customer can incorporate whole assemblies of small components into one extruded part. This is just one example of our customized capabilities. Contact us for any questions!