16 11, 2018

Billets! Billets! Billets! – Taber’s In-House Aluminum Casting Solutions

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Taber’s casthouse in Gulfport, Mississippi, with an overlay image of different sized aluminum billets

Billets, billets, billets!

In response to the growing need in the domestic market for aluminum billet products, Taber Extrusions, LLC is announcing the planned addition of 7” billet molds to our existing extrusion billet casting facility in Gulfport, MS.

Our recently upgraded, state-of-the-art billet casting facility, unveiled late last year (as announced in our article with Light Metal Age), allows Taber to manufacture aluminum billets for defense, marine and other specialized industries. By combining our advanced, specialized systems with experienced metallurgists and engineers, Taber is proud of our ability to produce an aluminum billet of superior quality.

The new addition of the 7” billet molds to our collection complements the existing 8”, 9”, 11”, 16”, and 20” diameter molds. Aluminum billets will be available in 6063 and 6061 alloy chemistries as well as specialized chemistries upon request.

“Taber is excited to now offer 7” extrusion logs to our fellow extruders, in addition to our previous offerings,” says Jason Weber – VP Sales and Marketing at Taber.

Our casthouse is uniquely situated in Gulfport, MS with port access as well as easy access to industrial scrap. These input factors coupled with the recently refurbished casting equipment with the LARS® in-line degassing and purification system supplies billet chemistries and consistencies which rival those of larger billet producers.


Since 1973, Taber Extrusions LLC has pioneered the extrusion of large, heavy, and wide complex shapes to differentiate itself in the aluminum extrusion industry. Since its inception, the brand name Taber Extrusions has been synonymous with innovation, service, and quality—all of which serve to make Taber Extrusions the premiere aluminum extrusion company. All of our extrusions have been, and will continue to be engineered, manufactured, and tested in the United States. Taber Extrusions maintains its headquarters at the Russellville, Arkansas facility, with a regional sales office at its Gulfport, Mississippi facility.

After all this time, why do our customers continue to return to Taber? It’s because we’re dedicated to innovation. We’re dedicated to finding intricate solutions for even the most complex extrusion request. While other aluminum extrusion companies continue to focus on standard products and techniques, Taber’s work ethic and attention to the needs of the market allow Taber to create customized, versatile, high quality, and market-oriented products that can satisfy a wide range of applications.

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29 03, 2018

Beyond the Aluminum Extrusion – Full Service Aluminum Extrusion Company

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Taber Extrusions has extrusions in the name, but it’s really a full-service aluminum extrusion company. Taber controls it all, from the casting of the billet, the extrusion process, fabrication and finally the logistics..

We have a commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations by providing both products and service levels that are of the highest quality. This commitment is at the core of our operating philosophy.

For us, these unique capabilities are key. Our specialty is the manufacturing of complex and intricate extrusions which competitors consider difficult or even impossible. Our full range of extrusion presses, from 1800 and 3000 ton to our impressive large 8600 ton, give us unmatched flexibility and profile capabilities to meet our customer’s needs.

For example:  our 8600 ton press, one of the largest extrusion presses in the United States, has the capability to extrude both 16 and 20 inch round billets, and 10” x 28” rectangular billets with a maximum circle size of 31” and up to 140 lbs. per foot. With the ability to extrude large, intricate configurations, such as lightweight but strong one-piece extrusions, the customer can incorporate whole assemblies of small components into one extruded part.

As your full-service aluminum extrusion company partner, Taber will work alongside you to turn a concept into reality. Taber’s remarkable attention to the needs of the market position us to provide customized, versatile, high-quality extruded and fabricated products that can satisfy a wide range of applications.

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