Kickstart 100% Recycled Aluminum Bikes With ReCycle

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What happens when you recycle all those aluminum cans? In most cases, you’ll get some pocket change in return and the accumulated cans ship off to a recycling plant, with the materials later distributed as — drum roll please — more cans.


ReCycle, a Los Angeles-based startup, is looking to put the cycle in recycling, all while pumping out a product that’s just a little more exciting than aluminum cans. ReCycle is striving to make the world’s first line of bikes manufactured from 100% recycled aluminum — and they’re looking for a little help from their cycling-enthusiast friends. From their Kickstarter page:


It all started with inspiration sparked by a recycled-materials, reusable grocery bag with “ingredients” printed on it attached to a messenger bag. Aluminum. Rubber. Plastic. “Hey. Those are bike parts.” Flash! A few years later, and our prototypes are alive, well and rolling down a street near you. (If you live in Los Angeles.) Against so many odds, we’ve managed to create a head-turning bicycle made from 100%-recycled aluminum, making it the greenest transportation option available anywhere.


Now, it’s time to roll The ReCycle forward and start reducing carbon output and waste by reusing aluminum through a closed-loop, recycling mission to create new and awesome bikes from old and worn out materials.


The goal of ReCycle’s Kickstarter campaign is to raise enough funds to manufacture 50 of their bikes, or a dollar amount of $105,000 by January 1. Backers will receive anything from t-shirts to custom paint jobs on a ReCycle bike, along with the generally good feeling about encouraging reusable materials in innovative ways.


To contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, visit their official page or learn more at ReCycle’s site.