Taber Extrusions, a provider of a range of aluminum extrusions, announced the launch of several extrusion capabilities for U.S.-based machine shops based on current market demand among OEMs and various end users.

The new introduction of extrusions is expected to assist the manufacturers to keep costs down and remain competitive in a fragmented market.

Taber Extrusions works with companies for designing custom aluminum extruded shapes that significantly reduce machine time and material costs.

Its press facility has two specific capabilities to attract machine shops. The facility has the capability to manufacture solid extrusions up to 31 inches wide and over 100 pounds per foot. The center can also manufacture complex multi-void profiles up to 26 inches wide.

“Designing an extrusion that is closer to the finished parts’ net shape is an extraordinary time and cost saver for these shops,” said Bill Wetmore, president of Taber Extrusions, in a statement. “Many shops are hogging out finished parts from cut plate or extruded bar that results in a much higher scrap rate and requires significantly more machine time.”

Taber Extrusions works include managing finished machined part drawing and designing custom profile.

The company also added a precision cut saw for cutting tolerances up to +/- .030, which allows the machine shops to take the blanks directly to the machining center. Taber’s capabilities allow machine shops to make large, finished parts. Users will benefit as this alternative method results in a huge cost savings for the machine shop.

Recently, Taber Extrusions announced the launch of an enhanced Web site that will offer potential customers a streamlined shopping experience. The new Web site is expected to assist key government contractors and engineers to quickly search, find, and assess their customized aluminum extrusion solutions.

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