This is an image of Taber’s aluminum casting facility, with a gold overlay and the text “Hello, Innovation. Taber Extrusions Casthouse.”

Increased billet capacity. Increased alloy range. Increased material reuse. Taber Extrusions’ aluminum casthouse in Gulfport, Mississippi is more productive, diverse, and sustainable than ever as they continue to raise the bar in aluminum manufacturing.

Combining advanced, specialized systems, experienced metallurgy and research engineering, Taber is capable of producing aluminum billets of superior quality for aerospace, marine, and other specialized industries. The recent addition of 7” molds is a welcome extension of the existing 8”, 9”, 11”, 16”, and 20” diameter molds. The various diameters of extrusion billets will be available in 6063 and 6061 alloy chemistries as well as specialized chemistries upon request.

“Taber is excited to offer extrusion logs to our fellow extruders,” says Jason Weber, VP of Sales and Marketing at Taber. The Gulfport casthouse is uniquely situated with port access and easy access to industrial scrap. These input factors, coupled with recently upgraded casting equipment including a LARS® in-line degassing and purification system, deliver billet chemistries and consistencies which rival those of larger billet producers. The LARS® process removes dissolved hydrogen gas, nitrides, oxides, and alkali metals, eliminating impurities and gases in a controlled and environmentally conscious process. Taber’s dedication to using 75% commercial and extrusion manufacturing scrap further highlights their commitment to renewability.

An image of billets being loaded into a furnace, with different sizes being shown: Billet diameters include: 7

Cast House Capabilities:

  • Fully automated and recipe-controlled DC casting for consistent billet quality
  • Latest degassing technology to assure internal metal integrity
  • New homogenization center for controlled cycles to meet both hard and soft alloy requirements
  • Billet diameters include: 7″, 8”, 9”, 11”, 16”, 20”, and 10” x 28” rectangle
  • Complete alloy family casting capabilities include 5xxx and 6xxx alloys
  • On-site alloy certification, ultrasonic testing, and metallurgical lab testing

A recent article by Light Metal Age Magazine explains how the completion of Taber’s casthouse modernization increased its billet capacity by over 30%, expanded its range of high-quality aluminum alloys (hard, soft, marine, aerospace, and defense) and enabled the use of more diverse scrap material in its process, allowing for the production of billet with high recycled content.

Thank you for your continued support of Taber Extrusions, LLC. If you have any questions please visit or contact one of Taber’s Regional Sales Managers. 

About Taber: 

Founded in 1973, Taber Extrusions originally pioneered a process for extruding rectangular billets which enables the company to extrude solid profiles up to 31 inches wide or hollows up to 29 inches. Taber expanded with the purchase of an extrusion facility in Gulfport, MS. in 1995 which houses a casthouse and two additional presses, with a fabrication area that has been expanded multiple times. Today, Taber Extrusions is proud to announce the launch of expanded capabilities to include microextrusions and 7” billet molds.

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