It’s going to be in your cars. In fact, it’s already in your high-end electric car. However, aluminum’s going to do much more than get you from A to B in the future. Aluminum will help you power your homes and offices in a renewable way. That’s right, aluminum’s becoming a key component of global renewable energy focus – in particular, the solar industry.

The Tennessee Valley Authority, an energy provider for seven states, has overseen the installation of four solar plants using aluminum as part of the solar tracking system. This system requires stiffness and flexibility at a lightweight — and like everything else, needs to come at a manufacturing cost that fits the budget (or makes it better). Aluminum fits that bill perfectly.

Is this a trend that will continue? The solar industry continues to grow thanks to a greater cultural emphasis on green energy. After record industry numbers in 2011, the Solar Energy Industries Association is anticipating 35-50% more construction in 2012. It’s a great time to go solar, and it’s a better time to think about using aluminum for industrial purposes.