You’ve bought a shiny new iPhone 6 but with horror stories of bent phones, you’re afraid to put it in your pocket. Never fear; for $2,000, Gresso has an aluminum case that’s built to withstand the rigors of life in a back pocket. From GSM Arena:

Bendgate is the latest

[something]gate to plague the iPhone and Gresso has a case to cure that problem. The case is for the iPhone 6 rather than the 6 Plus, which is actually the one with bending issues.

Still, Gresso is known for its luxury phones and a lot of machining went into the making of the Gresso Aluminum Bumper for the iPhone 6.

It was machined out of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and features a patented hinge mechanism to clasp both the front and back of the device.

The case increases the force needed to bend the iPhone 6 from 70lbs to 300lbs.

The most important part of the article? “The bumpers are available in grade 5 titanium and 18K yellow or white gold. Prices start from a wallet-clenching $2,000.” Better start saving those pennies. Of course, by the time you can afford a $2,000 case, the iPhone 7 might be out!

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