From Ford to Tesla, aluminum has become a prominent part of consumer trucks and cars now. However,

other vehicle manufacturers are now seeing the functional benefits and performance value of

aluminum. Pride Bodies, a manufacturer of service trucks and cranes, has decided to take the aluminum

plunge. From Fleet Owner:

Pride Bodies has released a new service truck body mechanics bumper that is 200 lbs. lighter due to the

use of aluminum in place of steel.

Aluminum reduces weight, fuel costs and provides a material that will withstand the ravages of salt and

liquid calcium chloride, the company said.

“Durable aluminum bodies allow our customers to consequently reduce the truck class while increasing

the payload.   With the cost of fuel and the intensity of DOT monitoring of truck weights assembling the

right combination of chassis and truck body is important in today’s economy,” said Russ Lanthier,


Fuel economy is driving everything in the auto industry, and with aluminum’s consistent performance in

the consumer market, it was just a matter of time before industrial vehicles followed suit. For Pride, the

aluminum mechanics bumper may just be the start as the company weighs the possibilities of further

steel-to-aluminum conversions.