Canada’s top aluminum companies will be investing 15 billion in facility enhancement and job creation in Quebec over the next decade based on “rising global demand” for the material. The need for new transportation systems like buses and subway cars that can be recycled and repaired for less cost when made with aluminum, and the widening call for bridge repair in North America, have enticed Quebec companies to invest heavily in the future of the industry.

Many facts point to an increase in aluminum use in the next 10 years.  For starters there are approximately “250,000 older bridges in the United States and 3,000 in Quebec in need of repair.” In addition to that fact aluminum is more “cost effective [than] steel,” has a longer life cycle and when used in vehicles reduces their weight, therefore decreasing wear and tear on roads and bridges. In light of these details it will be easy market the material to current and future manufacturers as it is the greener alternative to other materials, like steel.

Canadian companies celebrate their “cheap hydroelectric energy costs and a trained workforce” as advantages that can only be further enhanced with their new investment. Ultimately the goal for the Canadians is to retaining industry expertise in the province and there’s no doubt their headed in the right direction.

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