According to a recent article, the aluminum extrusion industry is in a growth period as “many remelters are sold out through January

[2012].”  Forecasters furthermore claim that “pent-up demand [for] next year’s [product]” will yield anywhere between a 10-15% increase in comparison to last year’s Q1 results.

Spikes in sales started in November and are scheduled to last into Q2. Despite this fact some business owners are weary of a potential backslide within the market but overall the majority of industry professionals do not believe this will happen. “Assuming no significant economic setback,” extrusion demand next year will be up 2-3% on the low side and 6-7%” on the high, one professional claimed.

Overall manufacturers believe “demand in 2012 [will be] even better than 2011” because “indications in the economy” are “trending in the right direction.” Especially when you look at the housing and car manufacturing industries.

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