At Taber, we pride ourselves on being American made. As a recent article states, competition in foreign markets (China and Mexico) is always a constant consideration and choosing to remain an American made extrusion company is mark of our resilience and dedication to American innovation.

As we kick of 2012 we wanted to touch upon a recent article which features fellow American made manufacturer, Stacy Wilson of MillworX Precision Machining, who was recently interviewed regarding the ebb and flow of her company. Her responses resonated with our American made message and as such we wanted to share some nuggets of that piece that are in line with our mission at Taber.

Like MillworX Precision Machining, Taber believes that the best days are “when the customer is satisfied” and as such, we strive to offer products that go above and beyond traditional extrusion offerings. Another great point shared by Wilson is that, “To be a top-graded manufacturer you have to have a 100 percent performance record.” At Taber we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and internal performance- giving each and every client the best product possible. Lastly, we take the utmost pride in the fact that we “make complicated parts every day, that have to be touched by a lot of people.” Our teams of skilled experts are the integral facets of our business and our products celebrate their talent and skill everyday in the marketplace.

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