Is it time Samsung’s next-generation mobile devices join the aluminum-body movement? If leaked reports prove to be true, it appears that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will follow recent design trends of moving to an aluminum frame rather than a plastic one. This topic has been rumored before, but some dedicated tech pundits have dug up a new patent filed by Samsung that shows that recent moves by HTC and Apple haven’t been ignored. From

The patent shows that the frame of the phone would be constructed from a single piece, which would give the unit for strength. Additionally, there is a front cut out for the glass touchscreen display. A rear cutout panel would house the battery door, and from the appearance of the rendering, it looks like users can slide the panel down to reveal the battery underneath.

If this is correct, then that means that Samsung may be able to still deliver features like a removable battery and a micro SDXC memory card slot.

No other details were given from the patent filing, which was initiated in February 2012, so we don’t know exactly what the internal specs will be for.

It’s unclear if Samsung will use the design, or something closely resemble this design, in the Galaxy S5 that would launch in the first half of 2014 or on a future Galaxy S smartphone, but the design is not unattractive and is a departure from the plastic construction that Samsung has so far employed and has been criticized for.

In technology, the cutting edge rapidly becomes the norm. For mobile devices, the notion of aluminum bodies and frames has been a trendsetter over the recent generations. Today, it looks like more and more manufacturers realize its strength and weight benefits. Before you know it, an aluminum body will probably become the default in the ever-evolving mobile device industry.