Aluminum is now the metal of choice for the car industry, but on a much smaller scale, it’s driving start-up Kickstarter campaigns to great levels of success. In Chicago, start-up companies are turning to our favorite metal to innovate new ideas for mobile device accessories. Thanks to a balance of design feasibility and sturdy manufacturing, it’s no wonder why aluminum has helped start-ups successfully pass the finish line on their Kickstarters. From the Chicago Tribune:

Apple, the maker of the iPhone, introduced machined aluminum designs in 2002 with the Power Mac G5, kicking off a love affair with the material that sends product designers into a frenzy.

“Machining allows a level of precision that is completely unheard of in this industry,” Jonathan Ive, Apple’s senior vice president of design, said in 2008.

We share details on three Chicago-area Kickstarter campaigns that recently passed their funding goals for iPhone and other mobile accessories made with aluminum.

They’re among thousands of companies that have benefited from the crowdfunding platform: Kickstarter announced on its site Monday that it had surpassed $1 billion in overall pledges. Those pledges involved more than 5.7 million backers and 57,000 successfully funded projects, according to the site.

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