Have you ever wanted to make cool things out of molten aluminum?

Okay, that sounds like an odd question, and chances are, you’ve probably never even thought of that situation. So let’s re-phrase that: given the opportunity, would you like to make cool things out of molten aluminum?

If the answer is yes, then you might want to fly out to Chicago in early June. At the Fine Line Arts Festival on June 6, you’ll be able to partake in the festival’s first aluminum sand casting event. From the Chicago Tribune:

Fine Line’s first aluminum sand casting event starts things off on Friday evening. Opening Night includes a catered dinner from BBQ on Wheels and live music performed by “Fight With Monsters.” Tickets are required for Opening Night only, and can be purchased online: fineline.org/fine-line-arts-festival, or in person at Fine Line.

Artist and Fine Line blacksmithing instructor Dan Caldwell, will be leading the aluminum pour. “We’re going to take a molding sand mixture, put tile forms on a board, and pack the sand around them,” he said. “After the pour, the mold is destroyed and (participants) will get to take the parts out, clean them off, apply a patina, and buff and polish their pieces.”

Those who attend Friday night will get to watch while the melted aluminum is poured into the molds, and will take their own finished pieces home that evening.

The festival also includes pottery making, copper etching, basket making, and other craft-related activities. However, we get the feeling that nothing will quite beat out playing with molten aluminum!