The Jacksonville Journal’s recent article recapping the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, states that Andrew Liveris, CEO of Dow Chemical, has been concerned that the “country is rapidly falling behind its

[manufacturing] competitors overseas.” And furthermore that America is facing an all out crisis within the industry.

While Liveris’ quotes were stern and straightforward, the entirety of his sentiments were meant to motivate a stagnant or perhaps misguided American manufacturing agenda. While he warned, “If we give up on manufacturing, we will be giving up on innovation.” He countered saying, “we can reinvent the sector that was once the source of America’s greatest pride. So let the rebuilding begin.”

The most crucial point Liveris made at the talk, which the article expels, is the connection between innovations manufacturing and American prosperity. The focus of this posts being on the former. “We can’t survive on ideas alone,” the article recounts Liveris saying whose sentiments are echoed further in his book, “Make it in America: The Case for Re-inventing the Economy.” In short, Liberis proposed that it’s time to shift the focus of American business back from overseas and onto American soil through competitive incentives. For example:

1. Create a new manufacturing tax credit that reduces the effective rate substantially.
2. Make an R&D tax credit permanent.
3. Create a new economic growth bank that funds sustainable jobs and businesses controlled by a bipartisan board.
4. Change the legal immigration policy to make America more hospitable to foreign entrepreneurs.

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