aluminum alloy infographic

What are the different types of aluminum alloys? How are they different? Which aluminum alloy is strongest? Least corrosive? What are aluminum alloys used in, and why? Which alloys are the most popular?

What’s the difference between aluminum and an aluminum alloy?

Not to fear, Taber Extrusions is here with all the fast facts you need to know about aluminum alloys! Why? Because choosing the right aluminum alloy is the first step to delivering the best aluminum extrusion for any application. At Taber, we offer the full range of aluminum alloys to meet your extrusion needs, including the 1000 series, 2000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series, and 7000 series. We also offer custom aluminum alloy chemistries for unique project needs.

Taber has extensive experience working with different aluminum alloys to ensure quality and performance. Ongoing research and development keep Taber on the cutting edge of innovation – from aluminum marine applications to new alloy combinations and chemistries. Taber also continues to broaden their aluminum services with increased focus on aluminum machining. New machines and renovations are launching Taber’s aluminum fabrication sector forward in 2016. That means even more unique aluminum shapes and an overall increase in extrusion possibilities.

So whether you’re engineering a commercial aircraft, researching for your science fair project, or impressing your pals at your next dinner party, refer to our Know Your Alloy Infographic whenever you need to brush up on your aluminum alloy facts.