While the aluminum industry is focusing on its big fall launch with the F-150 — something that has produced some recent posturing from the steel industry — the Daily Meal brought things a little closer to home. Aluminum is great for car bodies and smartphone frames, but sometimes it can be used to help out with a few cooking ideas when you’re out of the proper equipment. From the Daily Meal’s 5 things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Aluminum Foil:

Make a tart. No need to buy a special tart ring if you have aluminum foil; just fold a long sheet of foil into a thin strip before looping it into a circle. Secure the circle by pinching the foil. Then, line the aluminum foil ring with your pie crust and bake as usual.

Make a complete dinner on the grill. Don’t dirty pots and pans when you can toss all the ingredients you need for a meal into a foil packet and then onto the grill. Try fish, potatoes, and fresh vegetables.

Make a funnel. From filling a cupcake tin to making pancakes, a funnel is one of those kitchen tools I always seem to need but never have on hand. In a pinch I make one using aluminum foil.

Prevent pie crust from burning. If you’re baking a pie and it looks like the edges of the crust are browning to fast, cover them in long, thin strips of foil; this will allow the center of the pie to continue cooking without further browning the outer edge of the pie.

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