Aluminum is found in all sorts of different smartphones these days, and plenty of recent posts show that it is a preferred material for the next generation of mobile devices. However, those devices primarily use aluminum in the body – but what if it actually replaced the glass protecting the screen?

Microsoft has considered this innovation and is looking at translucent aluminum to protect its new line of smartwatches. From The Verge:

The news follows prototype testing of devices with a Surface connector, and reports that Microsoft is requesting 1.5-inch displays from component manufacturers. AmongTech recently reported that smartwatch prototypes include a variety of removable wrist bands in blue, red, yellow, black, white, and grey colors. We’re told that this is accurate, and that Microsoft’s smartwatch plans center around the idea of removable bands. AmongTech also claims that prototypes are housed in Oxynitride Aluminum, an expensive “translucent aluminum” that is said to be three times harder than glass.

Three times harder than glass – consider all of the times people have dropped their smart devices on the pavement and cracked the glass. Now comes a clear material that’s primarily used for military purposes; the next logical step would be bulletproof iPads, right?