Are you in the market for a new smartphone or tablet this Christmas? Then you’ll want to know about a new line of innovative accessories debuting this Winter by San Francisco based startup, EDGE, featuring aluminum construction.  The company is launching their “introductory line of premium accessories,” i.e. smartphone and tablet cases made out of “high-strength aluminum,” that is guaranteed to protect your tech device.

What makes these accessories innovative?

“EDGE Design’s case boasts a unique patented chassis design with a polymer band that suspends the phone or tablet inside the case, preventing the metal from shortcutting the antennas and providing shock absorption if the device is dropped.” In addition to the design- “a unique serial number is engraved in each EDGE™ case to guarantee authenticity and streamline the process of product registration, which extends the owner’s warranty from 12 to 24 months.”

While the device’s concept was devised to fill an need in the marketplace- the physical design was inspired by the classic Pininfarina car company known for “modernizing” many of “today’s

[European] cars.” The accessories will be made in the US “to ensure quality,” as the company prides itself on both the aesthetic of their products as well as their functionality. Aluminum serves as the showpiece for this new line, which is sure to be a hit in the states and abroad.

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