Taber Extrusions' In Focus Spotlight employee Shae Bradley

Meet this month’s In Focus Spotlight Shae Bradley, Customer Service Manager extraordinaire.

Job duties & responsibilities of Taber’s In Focus Spotlight:

I spend a lot of my day working with our customers to update them on the status of their orders, quotes for for new products as well as existing ones.  I enter purchase orders and run the normal sales reports.  I think the thing that sets this position apart being the point person that brings the customers and the production team together.  Taber is not just an extrusion business and our customers are more than just pieces of aluminum going out the door.  Our team works hard to make products that have a huge impact around the world and I think it’s important for all of us to see what our work makes possible and those it affects.

Where did you work prior to Taber; same industry or something totally different?

Before Taber, I worked in a completely different industry. I was a marine dealership and worked in both a Sales position and as the Finance Manager. 

What do you hope to bring to Taber in terms of leadership and company culture?

Looking at the history of Taber and knowing our capabilities, Taber’s future has great potential.  I hope to add more authenticity to our relationships, integrity, and accountability. 


I was born about 30 miles West of here in Clarksville, Arkansas but live in the Dover area now.

Family, children? 

I am the mom of a seven-year-old boy, Easton.  He’s as ornery as he is cute! I have an amazing family that consists of both the ones I was blessed with at birth and the ones that were hand picked throughout the years.

When you’re not at work, what would we find you doing?

It seems all my favorite things have a season.  Right now, I’m helping coach my son’s baseball team.  I love bass fishing and my most anticipated hunting season is definitely duck season.  The past several years I’ve come to love jumping in the right seat to go flying.

Taber Extrusions' employee Shae Bradley with son
Taber Extrusions' Shae Bradley with young baseball team

Favorite part about working for Taber so far?

Each day is different and I get to work with some pretty great people.

What sets Taber apart from other companies that deliver the exact same things?

I don’t really think there is another company with the exact same things. Taber’s capabilities are very unique. We offer the same type services, but the combination of our large press, friction stir welding, fabrication and micro extrusions sets us apart.

Taber is growing rapidly. Any advice for those looking to join the Taber team?

Be open-minded and ready to learn. There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t learned something new.

What do you think the future holds for Taber?

The future is wide open and can be whatever we commit to make it.

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More About Taber Extrusions: 

Founded in 1973, Taber Extrusions originally pioneered a process for extruding rectangular billet which enables the company to extrude solid profiles up to 31 inches wide or hollows up to 29 inches. Taber expanded with the purchase of an extrusion facility in Gulfport, MS, in 1995 which houses a new state-of-the-art cast house and two additional presses, microextrusion capabilities, and the fabrication area has been expanded multiple times.


Taber Extrusions' In Focus employee Shae Bradley standing in front of yellow plane

Taber continues to extrude billet in a wide range of alloys and sizes and has diversified its markets beyond military since its inception to include aerospace, automotive, marine, infrastructure, and sporting goods, among many others. For these markets, the company supplies cast and extruded products in a variety of soft and hard alloys.

Today, Taber Extrusions has completed the addition of in-house friction stir welding capabilities, and carries on their offering of extruded aluminum components, value-added machining services, and raw material supply to the North American market – making them a vertically integrated supplier of FSW panels and assemblies never before seen in North America.

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