Your formal title at Taber

Plant Manager

Your job duties & responsibilities

Presently responsible for all manufacturing activities for the Taber Gulfport location.

How long have you been at Taber?

May 8, 2018 made 40 years. I started in Extrusion as a helper. After a couple of years was lucky enough to be selected for a Tool and Die Maker apprenticeship program; learning to build extrusion dies. After 8 years I moved back to Extrusion as a Shift Supervisor; then to Fabrication, later Production Control/Shipping and finally into Operations Management.

Where did you work prior to Taber; was it in the same industry or something totally different?

I came to the Gulfport plant for a summer job after finishing JR College and never left.  Prior to that I was a Short Order Cook thru high school and college. This is basically the only place I have worked as an adult.

When you’re not at work, what would we find you doing?

In my off time I enjoy fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and spending time with our local grandchildren. When there is time for travel my favorite destination is anywhere in the Caribbean. As well as the Smoky Mountains.


I grew up and have lived most of my life in Long Beach, MS. I have never lived anywhere off the Mississippi Coast.

Family, children? 

My Wife Sharon and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in June of this year. We have 6 children who are all grown. 2 are mine, 2 are hers, and 2 we informally adopted after we decided not have children of our own.  We have 6 grandchildren and are expecting the arrival of 2 more around the end of this year.

What would “your perfect day” consist of? 

Wade fishing for Speckled Trout around the barrier islands off the Mississippi coast with my son’s.   Then having a fish fry if we returned with a good catch.

What’s your favorite part about working for Taber so far?

The Gulfport plant has a very diverse customer base. It is something different just about every day. Also working with my co-workers. Many who have been at Taber for many years. Seeing products develop from a customer drawing to a finished product for our customers is very rewarding.

What sets Taber apart from other companies that deliver the exact same things?

Taber is different than most extruders. Between the two plants we have very broad capabilities. WE manufacture products that other extruders would not even consider.  The upgrade to the Cast House is also a huge advantage.  We are fully captive and self-supporting from a raw material perspective.

 We will always be impacted by the worldwide aluminum market. However; when you consider the recent “billet shortage” we were able to keep our plants supplied with billet where some other companies in our industry have really struggled to keep their raw material supply chain full without business interruptions.

What do you hope to bring to Taber in terms of leadership and company culture?

I have always tried to lead by example. I am hands on and want to be involved and help our management team be successful. We are all linked together and each member of management has a very important role leading to the success and longevity of Taber. I always want to be available to help fill in the gaps where needed.

If you weren’t working for Taber, what job would you probably have?

More than likely working for or owning a machine shop. Both My Father and Grand Father worked at the Gulfport Plant. My Father a Tool and Die Maker and My Grandfather a Machinist. Earlier in my working career I was a Tool and Die Maker at the plant; building extrusion dies. It is something I really enjoyed; building something from a piece of steel and seeing how the finished product performed. When I retire perhaps I can take that back up as a hobby?

What do you think the future holds for Taber?

The future of Taber looks very bright. With the support of National Material WE continue to position ourselves with capabilities that separate Taber from a lot of our competitors. Modern Billet Casting, Micro Extrusion, Fabrication Capabilities, a Broad range of alloy offers and press container sizes. All of this enables us to change and evolve with the everchanging worldwide aluminum market.