One of the more popular uses for aluminum recently has been in mobile devices — more specifically, giving smartphones a sleek and durable outer body.

Just how durable can it be? decided to put the HTC One’s aluminum body to the test. Try putting yourphone against a key, a steak knife, and a mallet to see what will happen. If your phone withstands as much punishment as the HTC One’s aluminum body, then you you should be pretty good. From

The One’s screen uses Gorilla Glass, which has proven to be very resilient to scratches and shattering. As expected from the results of other videos, the One’s display handles the keys without a problem.

The same goes for the steak knife, and it holds up perfectly to a pounding by a rubber mallet.

The aluminum back of the phone is a bit less tough. The keys leave noticeable marks, but those wipe off with a soft cloth.

The knife is barely more successful, but a little buffing with the cloth removes the evidence.

The full video is available at YouTube.