1950s retro aesthetic has come back into style for RVs and trailers. The shiny look brings both a classic and modern feel, and it’s something that Hemet Valley RV specializes in. With a focus on both aluminum and fiberglass siding for RVs and travel trailers, the family-owned company offers a wide range of colors and patterns. In particular, Hemet Valley RV announced this week a new line High-Polish Aluminum Siding. From PR Web:


As a leading provider of trailer siding and RV storage throughout the United States and Canada, Hemet Valley introduces a brand new product to its extensive list of inventory. The new 48-foot coil high-polish .025 aluminum siding is an ideal choice for both new a returning customers who are interested in building custom and vintage-style trailers.


The aluminum siding comes with a pre-mask, making it much easier for builders to simply peel it off after installation. As an additional bonus, the pre-mask also acts as a barrier between the siding and the builder’s hands, eliminating the possibility that fingerprint smudges might hinder the look of the completed trailer. While other types of siding may risk a lack of luster, becoming dingy over time, Hemet Valley RV’s new high-polish aluminum siding has a clear sealant coat that keeps it looking shiny for a much longer period of time.


Looking to hit the open road with a trailer in tow? Do it with some aluminum panache. Hemet Valley RV’s hardware is built to withstand the elements and last through the test of time. For more information, visit their official website.