technavioA new research study by leading global tech research and advisory company Technavio has projected the global aluminum extrusion market to to surpass 22 million metric tons (that’s well over 24 million tons for us Americans) by the year 2019.

You read that right: Over 24 million tons of extrusion in three years.

This extrusion demand, according to Technavio’s lead metals analyst, stems primarily from the building and construction industry where a demand for materials that help them achieve “green status” is at an all-time high.

This is no surprise to Taber, who provides aluminum extrusions for a wide array of architectural and construction extrusion needs. Taber has also noticed a trend of higher extrusion demand in the marine and automotive industries, where engineers turn to aluminum extrusions for stronger, lighter, and more durable extrusions which support eco-friendlier and cost-effective manufacturing.

Technavio’s report, Global Aluminum Extrusion Market 2015-2019, is broken down into three aluminum extrusion categories, including mill-finished aluminum extrusion, anodized aluminum extrusion, and powder-coated or painted aluminum extrusion. All three categories are expected to grow at a CAGR rate of at least 6-7% which is promising news for Taber Extrusions, who has plenty of experience working with suppliers in all three types of extrusions including anodizing, painting, and other finishing services.

As the global market continues to shift to more sustainable building materials, it appears that aluminum extrusion will continue to gain speed as a major player in the building industry. We’re rolling up our sleeves, and look forward to a promising future for aluminum extrusion.