Nowadays, the humble phone charger is practically up there with food, water, and shelter when it comes to absolute necessities. Who among us hasn’t spent twenty minutes crawling around hotel room trying to find a rogue power cord, or driven to a 24-hour pharmacy in the middle of the night because you realize you forgot your charger when you packed for vacation? These energy issues could son become a thing of the past however, if the scientists at Disney Research get their way. Using fabricated aluminum, researchers have constructed a fully functional room that can charge all of your devices when you walk in the door. That’s right; totally wireless charging – no docks, no cords, no power stations. What makes it possible? Aluminum extrusions!

As detailed over at The Next Web, the researchers at Disney engineers constructed a custom copper pole to emit continuous energy in a constant radius around the room. The walls and surfaces of the room were constructed from aluminum extrusions in order to keep the energy inside the room and charging all devices. One big challenge the engineers faced was creating an environment which was safe for humans, and not just their devices. While fabricated aluminum was very efficient at blocking electromagnetic signals from escaping the charging room, it may have been a little too good at its task. Scientists ended up fine-tuning the amount of energy the pole emitted to ensure the safety of anyone who spent time there. Still, the project was ultimately successful as researchers found devices would charge in any location and any orientation inside the room.

Innovative ideas like these speak to the ideals of Taber Extrusions – that anything is possible with a little ingenuity and the right team. That’s why we are always excited to speak with new clients about what aluminum extrusions can do for their business. We serve a wide variety of industries and are always looking to expand into new territory, so drop us a line today! We look forward to hearing from you!