In “Is Craft Beer’s Move to Aluminum a Dirty Choice?” John Heylin weighs the pros and cons of the newest trend in craft beer packing: aluminum cans. Helyin argues that the move to aluminum packaging is a reflection of consumer demand, as more craft beer drinkers are active and prefer containers that do not break as easily as glass. Helyin also cites the unbreakable nature of aluminum as an additional benefit to the manufacturer, who often looses product when working with glass. And if this wasn’t enough, aluminum is of benefit to distributors as it’s lighter and less expensive to ship. So why is Helyin so against the industry’s new trend?

While Helyin feels the craft beer market established itself on a green, organic image which they are moving away from by using mainstream method’s of manufacturing, packaging and shipping, his main concerns were the processes used to acquire the material from the earth. But the fact remains that aluminum is better for beer. Seeing that it’s nearly 100% recyclable, cans costs less to manufacture than glass, have a longer shelf life – creating less waste and above all, are a better preserver of quality and taste, all seem to trump his environmental focus. While Helyin’s points should not be dismissed as it is always important to consider the costs of mining the earth, it is also necessary to consider what material is best suited for a product that will undoubtedly be around until the end of time. Watch Inc.’s “New Product Trend: Craft Beer in a Can” video below to learn about the first USA brewer to use aluminum and positive ways it has affected the production and use of the product.

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