Russellville, October 27, 2015 – Glass. Timber. Windmills. You name it and, chances are, Temisko has carried it. Located in Quebec, Canada and specializing in custom semi-trailers, Temisko has been leading the industry in creating customized applications for their clients’ unique cross-road carrying needs.

Photo courtesy of Temisko.

Photo courtesy of Temisko.

With their commitment to quality service, technological advancement, and breadth of applications it’s no wonder that Temisko chooses Taber as their premier provider of aluminum extrusions, despite the many miles between them. At times 1,559 miles, to be exact.

Since their initial partnership in 2013, Taber has shipped hundreds of thousands of pounds of aluminum shapes to Temisko, but their relationship doesn’t stop there. This past summer, Taber proudly sponsored Temisko in a promotional cross country truck rodeo show in Notre-Dame-Du-Nord, Quebec.

This road trip included an exhibition of three Temisko trailers that journeyed across Ontario and Quebec, spreading brand awareness and generating buzz about Taber’s unique extrusion and aluminum fabrication qualifications. If you happened to catch one of the Temisko trailers riding by from Mid-May to July, you probably saw Taber’s logo displayed on one trailer, promoting El Rodeo.

From extrusions to excursions, Taber is proud to partner with Temisko to achieve a common goal: supplying the highest quality aluminum extrusion products and service to their customers in the U.S., Canada, and beyond.