Classic science-fiction design gave us a lot of metallic pod-looking things in the 1950s and 1960s. Today, Belgian designers at Dethier Architectures used that look as inspiration for a unique loft, one that needed something to act as room divider, artwork, and hallway all in one. And it took one big piece of aluminum to get the job done. From

“We were fortunate to have a committed and receptive client who was fascinated by precision engineering,” the company’s project description runs. So the company set about designing a visually striking yet useful aluminum pod to be placed smackedy-boo in the middle of the apartment (formerly an industrial-scale bakery).


The pod itself contains two bathrooms, a toilet, the heating and ventilation equipment as well as some storage space. It also acts as a break, with the living room on one side (with a TV built neatly into the pod), and the bedroom on the other.


Fans of industrial design will no doubt have spotted the inspiration behind the pod. Dethier Architectures says that the famous aluminum Airstream trailer, designed by William Hawley Bowlus, influenced the material, form and also the detailing of the pod, though its brushed finish is perhaps a little less lustrous (and easier to maintain).


Maybe it’s not the ideal aesthetic for every home, but for those that want future-retro in a Jetsons-style model, aluminum pods are the way to go. Aluminum has become so popular in cars, perhaps we’ll see it in home building next.