aluminum alloy diving suitMove over Iron Man, the Aluminum Man is here and he’s soaring to all new depths.

Okay, so maybe it’s not called “Aluminum Man”. But we aluminum enthusiasts can dream, right?

The Exosuit, as it is formally known, is the latest and greatest invention from famous Canadian entrepreneur, deep-ocean explorer, scientist, inventor of the Newtsuit, and founder of Nuytco Research Ltd. – Phil Nuytten. CNN recently did a piece on this awesome aluminum apparatus, complete with a video capturing the suit in action.

So, why are we gunning for this aluminum alloy suit to be Marvel’s latest blockbuster?

“The suit has thrusters like the superhero character. But instead of soaring through the air, sea divers use these thrusters to ‘fly’ through the water.”

So. Cool.

“Think about what it must be like to work in a 530-pound aluminum-alloy suit 1,000 feet under water.” All we can think is, incredible.



Exosuit3-descendHere’s some more amazing facts about Aluminum Man:

ADS ( Atmospheric Diving System) ‘Exosuit’ Specifications

-1000 Foot depth rated
-A536 Aluminum Alloy
-Weight 500-600 LBS depending on config

Life support:
-2 Redundant oxygen systems, total capacity 50 hours
-50 hour Carbon Dioxide scrubber
-Back up battery with automatic change over on power failure
-Lung powered scrubber back-up

-4 x 1.6 HP thrusters (expandable to 8)
-Direct drive, magnetically coupled thrusters
-Quiet operation – Responsive (quick windup)

*Select content courtesy of Nuytco Research Ltd