Snapshot taken from one of Taber’s company board rooms at their Russellville, Arkansas plant.

After searching the aluminum extrusion world near and far, tall and wide, flat and hollow, rectangular and round… well, we looked all over the place. Allow us to toot our own horn in saying that it seems Taber Extrusions has at least one corner on the market of speciality custom shape aluminum extrusions – or in other words, some of the weirdest shapes ever extruded.


Besides having the only rectangular container in North America, Taber is uniquely positioned to extrude super wide shapes – wider than is capable with traditional round containers. This exclusive rectangular container allows Taber to supply our customers with some of the widest, most complex multi-void hollows in the industry. But what about the really weird stuff? Things people use “for fun?” Is Taber Extrusions able to create anything our imagination creates? Absolutely. There’s a reason Taber claims the title of “ Broadest Capabilities in the Aluminum Extrusion Industry.”

We found some other interesting non-standard aluminum shapes for you to enjoy; like a limited edition chess set created by the Columbia Aluminum Extrusion Group. This extruded aluminum chess set was created for promotional purposes in the mid-1990s.image003-1


image005Extruded Aluminum bicycle, anyone? “Mind Bikes” get mailed straight to their customers in a box. As you can see from the image below, these “one-piece” bikes can grow along with the kid! They fit both children and adults, since the entire body can be taken apart and reassembled using only bolts, since the aluminum extrusion frame only has joint structures. The inventors from Osaka, Japan say it’s a perfect eco-product reducing environmental burden. No argument there… the whole family can use the same bike (as long as everyone doesn’t have to be at the same place at the same time. Then we’d have to start inquiring to Taber about tandems.)