Aluminum isn’t usually known for its audio properties, but Bluetooth/headset company Jawbone has found a new way to utilize aluminum in this way. Jawbone’s Jambox line of products has been pumping out 85 decibels of quality audio in a compact portable speaker since 2010. However, Jawbone has decided that they want to go even smaller than the original Jambox; that’s why they’ve just announced the new Mini Jambox. From Engadget:

When Jawbone came out with the Jambox back in 2010, the sales pitch was simple: here was a really loud Bluetooth speaker that was small enough to stuff inside a backpack when you wanted to have a dance party at the beach. (Okay, we’re paraphrasing a little bit.) Three years later, though, “small enough to stuff in a backpack” isn’t quite small enough. What about small enough to fit inside a suit pocket? Or a purse? That’s the promise of the Mini Jambox, a $180 speaker announced today that’s — you guessed it — even tinier than the original.


Oh, and don’t forget the aluminum manufacturing:


As you’d expect, the Mini Jambox pumps out surprisingly loud sound, given its petite frame. What’s interesting is that the unibody aluminum casing (designed by Chief Creative Officer Yves Behar) acts as both an enclosure and an acoustic cavity for the two internal drivers. That helps explain why the speaker is as small as it is (6.06 x 2.88 x 0.96 inches). Despite its size, it also promises the same battery life as the regular Jambox: about 10 hours of playback.


For those of you that aren’t into technical sound design, an acoustic cavity naturally works with audio frequencies to resonate the sound. In other words, the Mini Jambox’s single pice of extruded aluminum makes tiny sound become louder and better. If big noises out of small boxes interest you, the Mini Jambox is available for preorder now