The aluminum industry feels like it’s gathering momentum from a range of sources. Mainstream media doesn’t always pick up on this, despite the huge spotlight created by the automotive industry. That’s why it was refreshing to see the impact of the earnings report from aluminum stalwart Alcoa.  From Marketwatch:

Stock reaction : Alcoa’s stock has rallied 15% since the end of the first quarter through Monday, and is up 39% so far this year, versus gains of 5.6% and 7%, respectively, for the S&P 500. Since Sept. 23, 2013, when the stock was booted out of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the shares have soared 78%, while the Dow has advanced 11% over the same period. However, the stock hasn’t had a great track record of rising after results. Looking back at the day after the company’s last 10 quarterly reports were revealed, the stock closed lower five times, according to FactSet.

Key points : Investors will keep an eye on Alcoa’s outlook for the global aerospace sector, given that the company announced last month that it acquired Firth Rixson for $2.85 billion to bolster its aerospace business. Analyst Anthony Rizzuto at Cowen & Co. believes the acquisition of Firth Rixson is part of the company’s transition away from being an aluminum producer to a specialty materials company.

Notice how Alcoa’s fortunes are tied more into the aerospace industry rather than automotive. That means that manufacturing teams across a range of industries see the benefits of going aluminum. Perhaps in the near future, seeing mainstream accolades will be the norm rather than a surprising find.