For decades, Airstream has brought retro-modern sensibility to the camping experience. With the unique look of aluminum shells, an Airstream trailer quickly stands out whenever and wherever you see it. However, Airstream’s new International Sterling trailer takes this one step further, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that blends Airstream’s signature style and the latest amenities for both style and comfort.

What makes the International Sterling different? It doesn’t just have aluminum on the outside; veteran Airstream designer Christopher C. Deam found a way to have aluminum cover all of the International Sterling’s inner surfaces for a look that truly blends retro and modern. From GizMag:

Covering surfaces like the cabinetry and walls, the aluminum interior isn’t just designed for pure aesthetics but to enhance the overall experience and more seamlessly blend interior with exterior.

Deam at first worried that an aluminum interior would be too much, overwhelming the eyes and taking an established design cue too far. After years of tinkering with the idea, he decided that by contrasting the grained aluminum of the exterior with an anodized aluminum interior, Airstream could successfully go all metal.

“We put our heads down and analyzed the problem … how do we do something nobody else can do? How can we be authentically Airstream?” says Deam. “Aluminum’s a challenging material, but that’s what we wanted to show off – Airstream’s great skill and craftsmanship with it.”

The Airstream International Sterling is currently in production, so there’s no retail price to go with it yet. However, if camping with a trailer is still too rough for you, perhaps you’d like to check out our find from last week.