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Aluminum Casthouse

In-House Aluminum Casting Solutions

Our recently upgraded, state-of-the-art aluminum casthouse allows Taber Extrusions to manufacture aluminum billets for aerospace, marine, and other specialized industries. Combining advanced, specialized systems with experienced metallurgists and research engineers, Taber is a capable of producing an aluminum billet of superior quality. The full range of aluminum alloys along with custom chemistries are available.

A new level of purity and renewability

Taber makes use of Almex’s Liquid Aluminum Refining System (LARS) for refinement and purification prior to casting. This process removes dissolved hydrogen gas, nitrides, oxides, and alkali metals, eliminating the impurities and gasses in a controlled and environmentally friendly process. And our dedication to using 75% commercial and extrusion manufacturing scrap further highlights our commitment to renewability.

aluminum casthouse

Aluminum Casthouse Specs

Available Aluminum Billet Sizes

8 – Inch

9 – Inch

11- Inch

16 – Inch

20 – Inch

10” x 28” rectangle

Testing Capabilities

  • On-site alloy verification and certification
  • Ultrasonic testing

Quick Facts

  • Recycled content makeup: 25-30% prime, 70-75% scrap (re-cycled commercial scrap and extrusion manufacturing scrap)
  • Recycling aluminum saves 95% of the energy it takes to refine new aluminum
  • For every 1-ton of aluminum recycled, the planet is spared 9 tons of CO2 emissions
  • Since 1884, billions of metric tons of aluminum have been produced, and roughly 74% of that is still in use due to its recyclability

Available Aluminum Alloys

  • 1xxx series
  • 2xxx series
  • 3xxx series
  • 5xxx series
  • 6xxx series
  • 7xxx series
aluminum casthouse

Taber’s Aluminum Casting Upgrades

Taber has recently invested in upgrading our aluminum casting capabilities. Our new and improved casthouse is a testament to our dedication to achieving the broadest capabilities in the aluminum extrusion industry. We like to keep everything under one roof… from casting to extrusion, to machining and beyond. Ingots cast from prime and recycled aluminum to meet required quality and chemistry specifications.

Industries Served

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