In a recent speech a TED2012, Peter Diamandis shared the story of Napoleon III in the mid-1800s asking The King of Siam to dinner. According to Diamandis,

“All of Napoleon’s troops were fed with silver utensils, Napoleon himself, with gold utensils, but The King of Siam, he was fed with aluminium utensils.

Why give The King aluminium utensils?

“Aluminium was the most valuable metal on the planet, worth more than gold and platinum.”

He goes on to note that this is the reason that,
“…the tip of The Washington Monument is made of aluminium.”

Aluminium is 8.3% of the earth by mass, but is bound by oxygen and silicons and thus is not a pure metal. As we previously mentioned, one of the advantages associated with aluminum extrusions is that the extrusion is a simple, economical and environmentally friendly process.

Watch the speech and learn more about Diamandis.