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Taber Extrusions' David Jackson, a man in an orange shirt with arms around Trina, a short-haired woman in white shirt

Meet Fall’s In Focus Spotlight David Jackson, Taber Extrusions’ Gulfport Safety and Human Resource Manager.

Job duties & responsibilities of Taber’s In Focus Spotlight

I have been responsible for the recruitment, selection, safety, development, compliance, training, labor agreement negotiations, interpretation, and enforcement.  In short, I have been, to some, their son, Dutch-uncle, brother, nephew…etc.   I tell newly hired employees that I used to be a bartender and that my current job isn’t much different. I still try to ensure that everyone here gets the most out of their experience. I still kick out the drunk and disorderly and, in general, protect the core of our business (it’s people) so that they can go home with all their fingers and toes!

We are all here to pay our bills and enjoy the company we keep since we spend more time together than we do with our own families at times.  When interpersonal relationships break down OR someone’s politics interfere, I also serve as referee to lead us back to why we are here…to pay our bills and support this very important work that we do.

Where did you work prior to Taber; same industry or something totally different?

I have worked with Tugboats, plastic-injection molding, furniture manufacturing and cold storage prior to coming to Taber.

What do you hope to bring to Taber in terms of leadership and company culture?

I care…that is what I bring to the table in Gulfport.  Without exception, I hope that everyone here knows that if I can help them, I will.  Again, I just want to be sure that everyone gets the most out of their experience.

David Jackson, a man in a blue shirt holding male child in a yellow shirt with another child to the left of him in a pink shirt
David Jackson's son, a young man in a blue shirt and tie making a face pursing lips
David Jackson's daughter, a youg lady smiling with a green blouse and a white strap across one shoulder


I am from Biloxi and have also lived in Mobile AL and Tampa FL.  I graduated from Biloxi High School, went to the University of South Alabama to get a degree in Business Management.

Family, children? 

My family includes Catrina (better-half), Noel (23), Parker (20), LuLu (17) and Sophia (10).  Sophia is a blessing and our family glue…she is also the reason I will never retire!

When you’re not at work, what would we find you doing?

When I am not working, I enjoy yard work and loving on all our animal babies.  We have two dogs (Sadie the wiener dog, Harry the chihuahua, Mr. Binx our cat, Wilbur and Barnaby our pot belly pigs and our three hens…Henrietta, Daisy and Mickey).

David Jackson's brown wiener dog, Sadie, sitting on a colorful blanket
David Jackson's pot belly pig Wilbur being held in hands
David Jackson's pot belly pigs. One balck on the right and one tan with black spots on the left

We currently live in Vancleave and have a few acres of land.  The better half always wanted chickens and when we bought our home, that became a possibility.

We wanted all hens, no roosters, and decided we’d give them all old-lady names.  We had Lottie, Daisy, Henrietta, Mickey and Gertrude all planned out BUT Gertrude, who we call Trudy, crowed when she/he was about 6 weeks old.

So, Trudy became Rudy and believe me, Rudy lives up to his name.  He was a real jerk!  Many times, I threatened to turn him into gumbo, but Catrina wouldn’t allow that.  So, Rudy is still a jerk to this day.

David Jackson's three chickens and rooster, Rudy with a pumpkin to the right of them

Favorite part about working for Taber so far?

I have enjoyed working at Taber since 2013.  I really appreciate all of the people that I get to work with.  There is a lot of family history here and people that would do just about anything to help you.

What sets Taber apart from other companies that deliver the exact same things?

I really feel that this is what sets Taber apart from other companies that I have worked for.  We are part of a large organization (NMLP) but we also have a small work community in Gulfport.  I have worked at larger businesses, and I am comforted in knowing every single person that works here.

What do you think the future holds for Taber?

I am so thankful for the investment that Michael and the leadership at NMLP have made in the equipment and future of our team in Gulfport.  As Mike Keenan would say, we are now capable of competing with much of our industry.  As a whole, Taber offers our current and potential customers/partners, more capabilities than just about any other extruder.

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More About Taber Extrusions: 

Founded in 1973, Taber Extrusions pioneered a process for extruding rectangular billets that allows them to create solid profiles up to 31 inches wide and hollow profiles up to 29 inches wide. In 1995, Taber purchased an extrusion facility in Gulfport, MS, which houses a state-of-the-art cast house, two additional presses,  microextrusion capabilities, and multiple expansions to the fabrication area.

The company continues to extrude billet in a wide range of alloys and sizes and has diversified its markets beyond military to include aerospace, automotive, marine, infrastructure, and sporting goods. Taber provides cast and extruded products to these market in a variety of soft and hard alloys.

In addition, Taber Extrusions has in-house friction stir welding capabilities, and continues to offer extruded aluminum components, value-added machining services, and raw material supply to the North American market. THis makes them a vertically integrated supplier of FSW panels and assemblies never before seen in North America.

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